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Why Us?

We are here to help you achieve your public performance, communications and presentation goals when your confidence is holding you back. 
We have a wealth of experience in theatrical performance enhancement, speech and acting techniques. We also have notable commercial experience across multiple industries in both the corporate and third sector, and we beautifully combine the two to make you a powerful performer on your own stage. You already have compelling and creative content, now all you need is to deliver it with an Engraved Heart flair.
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Relax, you'll be fabulous!

Many consultants, instructors and entrepreneurs are experts in their field, yet lack the skills required to stand up in front of an audience and set themselves apart.  Whether it be low key face to face communications, creating a great first impression for that long sought after new client, or when required to give a speech or presentation...public speaking can be daunting.
We combine years of professional theatrical training, performance experience and Mindfulness techniques to help you control the nerves, hold yourself with poise, articulate well and deliver your content with confidence, clarity, character and style.
And guess what?  You don't have to be in business to benefit from the Engraved Heart technique.
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Dara was due to receive a community recognition award and was terrified about giving an acceptance speech, this just wasn't something she had ever had to do before, and she felt she was a nervous person at the best of times!  Dara felt comfortable with me, I always ensure that my clients feel at ease.  I didn't bamboozle her, the technique I use is fun and perfect for people like her.  It turned out so well that she later went on to agree to be 'best woman' at her friend's wedding.  We then had a few more sessions to work on her new challenge, and the feedback she received afterwards was wonderful.
I took Businessman Graham out of his comfort zone and challenged his thinking about his approach to public speaking.  Learning to control his breathing, voice projection and diction, working on mental discipline and deportment were all completely new to him and was a revelation. Graham now has regular 'top up' sessions with me and my techniques are now becoming second nature to him.  He has also noticed an increase in his own business since he has been working with me.
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